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Brain-Pad Selected as the Official Dual Arch Mouth Guard for the
International Kickboxing Federation and International Sport Combat Federations

First mandates passed for Dual Arch mouth guard usage in combat sports

Conshohocken, PA —March 3, 2010—The International Kickboxing Federation , a leading kickboxing
sanctioning body, and the International Sport Combat Federation, the first and largest mixed martial arts
sanctioning body for pro and amateur MMA, have passed safety requirements that will require the use of
Dual Arch Jaw Joint Protective mouth guards by all combatants who fight in sanctioned events. This
represents one of the first athletic mandates for the use of Jaw Joint protective mouth guards by
athletes. The IKF and ISCF, which have thousands of athletes worldwide, selected Brain-Pad® as the
official mouth guard for its members. Dual Arch mouth guard usage will become mandatory
for all IKF and ISCF competitors by mid-August, 2010.

“This mandate is a truly landmark decision for combat sports,” says Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad.
“We have been supplying Brain-Pad mouth guards, designed to protect that vulnerable jaw joint and base
of the skull, to IKF and ISCF members since 1999 and commend the organization for taking proactive
measures in the protection of its athletes. We expect that more sports organizations will follow suit
with similar mandates.”.